Kempii Theme


Kempii is my first real attempt at a colorful theme. This was acheived by using simple, minimal designs and a mellow "ROY G BIV" color palette combined with a few long shadows and a bit of gradient. I truly appreciate everyone's love and support. Special thanks to @prosper406 for his contributons. shoutout to my beta testers;
@MrTh3m3s, @TheDapperPappy, @mef3579, @tvaldez, and @prosper406.

Theme contains: 344 icons in initial release 3 docks (wont work on plus devices, sorry) 2 AE's by @prosper406 2 LS mods by me (originally Schnedi's)

find me on twitter for icon request. thank you and enjoy.

Thanks for your support.

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